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The Bereavement Buddy Collection: interactive books to help children through grief.

Each of these books can be used alone, or with other tools in the Bereavement Buddy Collection, to offer comfort and healthy direction to grieving children by providing practical help to the adults who care about them.

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The Bereavement Buddy Collection

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"Panda knows it's normal for sad things to make us sad.
All feelings are okay - happy, joyful, angry, frightened, and mad."

-Sad Panda, The Interactive Book for Grieving Children

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Verified Amazon Reviews

Verified Purchaser

I am thrilled to have received my copy of Sad Panda today and I want you to hear this. I am well familiar with what is available on the market for children suffering grief and there is NOTHING like this book that is as sensitive, as generous as Sad Panda. Not only does it offer insight into what a child may be feeling but offers a platform where any child might speak their truth. For a parent, a grandmother of father, anyone loved one that reads what the child might enter, it offers an avenue to truly serve the child's grief. I feel that every news outlet in the country needs to know of this book and promote it as it serves to bring incredible healing to thousands who are simply lost in the process of grief.

Verified Purchaser

You can tell the author really had an amazing goal with this book and series. I liked how interactive the book is and how it asks the important, yet simple questions one may need when helping a child deal with grief. We don’t always have the skills at our reach when going through tough things such as loss, but this book is able to convey those things in a simplistic manner. Hoping no child ever has to go through loss, this book will definitely uplift them through it if so. 10/10

Verified Purchaser

This book is such an amazing resource to help children identify, discuss and understand their grief. It's also a great tool for parents and adults as well. I would recommend this book and the interactive workbook to anyone going through the loss of someone they loved!!
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