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What is a Bereavement Buddy?

Put simply, a Bereavement Buddy is someone who comes alongside a child during a time of grief.

Someone with whom, a child can:

  • share their curiosity and ask tough questions without judgment or fear of upsetting them

  • discuss their fears surrounding death in a safe and relatively matter-of-fact manner

  • count on to speak truth instead of unhelpful & confusing euphemisms

  • look to for security and guidance during the uncertainty of change and loss

  • expect to follow up with them long after the event  

Being a Bereavement Buddy means:

  • You have earned trust 

  • You will not judge 

  • You respect beliefs and boundaries

  • You are willing to be frank and open

  • You allow a child to mourn without making it about you

  • You will not rush a child through the grieving process

  • You understand the delicate balance between dark and light.

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